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Here are some tips for you to enjoy the best of Bratislava¬†that locals like to do because they feel good! ūüôā
You can explore the city alone or if you would like us to guide you and your friends, pop us an email to and we will let you know what kind of day trips in Bratislava we do as well as private tours for groups.

Newly reconstructed Bratislava’s Old Bridge
You can take it by walk, by bike, on rollerblade or in a modern eurotram – either way you will enjoy great view on Danube river, Bratislava Castle and both sides of the city – the Old Town and Petrzalka – the biggest housing estate of Bratislava.

To finish, get yourself a glass of beer or a wine at one of the boats on Petrzalka‚Äôs side of Danube and enjoy the beauty of sunset beyond Bratislava Castle. Try Sundeck Boat – favourite place of Bratislava’s music scene with often times a¬†live concert or a¬†homemade beer right on the board of Dunajsky pivovar.


Bratislava’s Old Town
Whether you come during the day or at night, you will enjoy the atmosphere at Old Town’s cafeterias, little squares with fountains, bars and restaurants. Old local bars vs. newly open hipster’s coffee places, typical Slovak food vs. variety of exotics – this all gives you a lot of space to explore! Ask locals where they like to go ūüėČ
Throughout the whole year you can visit cultural exhibitions, food markets, festivals or concerts free to public mainly at Hlavne namestie, Hviezdoslavovo namestie and Tyrsovo nabrezie. Check out the program at

Bratislava Old Town

Gelato at Koun
Once you are in the old town – you cannot miss it! Homemade Italian ice cream place Koun is proclaimed by locals to be the best icecream in Bratislava! Prepare for a long queue – demand is high especially in hot summer days! The taste is worth it though and they serve quite fast. Find your favourite taste and you will want to come back to Bratislava again fro sure! ūüėČ


Bratislava Food Markets
Eat like a local = live like a local! Enjoy homemade food, meet local producers and farmers and get to know Slovakia by tasting it! Bratislava has long farmers market tradition and recently this trend has hit the youngsters too! Therefore you can choose from many places where to go – every Saturday there‚Äôs Farmers Market at Stara trznica and every Thurdsay Farmers Market next to Medicka Zahrada. You can try the oldest marketplaces in Bratislava – Zilinska, Mileticova or Trznica at Trnavske myto – just dont expect too much English spoken around here ūüôā The newest and the biggest farmers marketplace that we definitely recommend to visit (despite its location a bit further from the city center) is Fresh Market – modern building with all kinds of vegan / vegetarian / local food and healthy stuff.


Telepher Zelezna Studnicka – Kamzik
If you like nature and would like to spend more time outdoors, you should definitely visit Bratislava’s largest Forest park Zelezna studnicka – Koliba. Take troleybus 212 from downtown and get of at Zelezna studienka (terminal station). Hit the road (or the forrest trail) towards the¬†telepher to Koliba – an old fashioned cableway that will take you up for only 3euros one way (operating on Thursday-Sunday + on holidays, in July and August from Tuesday-Sunday; 10am-6pm every hour). Once on the top, have a refreshment at Bufet Horna Stanica, favourite place of locals to eat homemade food and relax from busy city vibes.
If you have more time, pack yourself a frisbee and a few snacks to make barbecue at one of many fireplaces around the park. You can also go for Ropes course Lanoland or funny ride on a bobsled nearby. Another cool thing is panorama view on Bratislava from the TV Tower on the very top of the hill – condition is to consume something in the Altitude restaurant – probably the only restaurant with rotating seats in Bratislava.
After enjoying all the activities and the view from top of the hill of Kamzik you can return back to town either by long walk on the oposite side of the hill (Cesta na Kamzik) or by trolleybus 203 from Koliba terminal station, just 2km by walk from the forrest park.

Devin Castle
The second most popular castle after the famous Bratislava Castle. Devin Castle has rich history which you can explore to detail in the local museum. It offers beautiful view on natural scenery and it is an important geographical spot – it lies right on the border with Austria. You can see a Memorial of Victims of the recent Communism era, for people who tried to escape the iron curtain. Spend some time walking around and try the famous Devinsky ribezlak – local wine made from currants!

Danube River Activities
The Danube river offers just so many adventures – canoe or cayak, boat trips or even a jump from a bridge!
You can get yourself a canoe at Lodenica (shipyard), choose a trip from 2 hours to full day and explore the city from completely other perspective!
Feel like raising some adrenalin? Try the popular Bridge jump! This is the kind of memory you will definitely remember for a longtime!
How about boat trip to Vienna? Take a speedboat Twin city liner and you are there in just 75mins! Price per person starts at 20eur one way and the views are definitely worth it. ūüôā

Zlate Piesky Lake
Feel like having some relax and refreshment near water? Go ahead for Zlate piesky РBratislava’s biggest lake with outdoor activities such as wake boarding, beach volleyball, water bicycle and more. You can either enter the lake areal that was build in communist era with big beach, food stands and some sports equipment such as beach volleyball, tennis or minigolf. Or you can go to the more modern part of Wakelake beach resort with wakeboards and music. At the end of August Zlate piesky changes to a big stage hosting the Uprising Reggae Festival.

Summer Festivals
Especially in summer, there‚Äôs plenty of music and other thematic festivals going on in Bratislava and around whole Slovakia. Choose by date / genre / size or city¬†– the offer is huge! ūüôā

Bratislava Wine Region
Once in Bratislava Region, it would be just a shame not to try the production of our local wine makers! Almost every weekend since April until October there’s an event you can go to try our wine from grapes growing just on the hills around the city. Feel like tasting Bratislava in a glass of wine? Here some events calendars to choose from: or You can also join a wine trip organized for small groups around Bratislava or nearby cities in Slovakia and Austria:


If you like to visit these places with our certified guide, pop-us an email to and we will let you know what kind of day trips in Bratislava we do as well as private tours for groups.

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