Welcome to Bratislava Backpackers’ Nightlife Tour!

Drinking Games, Friendly Guides, Great Venues & Heaps of Drinks


Come meet some new friends & party at Bratislava’s best nightlife experience.

Running since 2010 we’re now in our 8th season. No Booking is ever required. We have guaranteed Crawls 7 nights a week.

“Divided we fall, United we crawl!!”


Whether you’re flying solo or already got a crew together, expect to meet heaps of friendly backpackers from all of Bratislava’s hostels as we hit-up the night streets of Bratislava! Friendly guides, a fun international crowd & a guaranteed departure!


What’s included:

  • Free unlimited beer for 1 hour – 9:30pm – 10:30pm
  • Free welcome shot at our 4 venues
  • Free entry to every bar & club we go to (check out where we go)
  • Bonus flavoured vodka shots between bars


Larger than Life? If you’re a bigger group & would like to join us for a unforgettable night out then our Private Crawls might be more your style. Just swing us a message @ nightlife@befreetours.com and we’ll do our best to sort you out.

Meeting Point: Rock Ok Bar at Safarikovo Namestie

on the corner of Old Bridge, next to the small park with tram

Join us at 9:30pm 

Tickets on sale from 9:30pm – 10:45pm.

Price 13€.

Summer Promotion: Ladies can join for just 7€ if you buy your ticket before 9:45pm.

“Every day we’re Shuffling'”

Here’s what to expect


Crawl begins Rock OK 9:30pm

We start every night with our Power-Hour of unlimited Beer at Rock OK Bar 9:30pm – 10:45pm. Beer is Zlaty Bazant from the tap, Slovakia’s biggest beer. Free Welcome shot (straight, mixed or fruit infused vodka).

There’s indie rock, sometimes live acoustic cover bands & if rock music’s not your jam, don’t worry, it’s just the first bar, there’s plenty of places to get your groove on throughout the night.

We mix up our venues daily & they mix up their tunes too. Expect to hear RnB, Dance Hits, Karaoke, EDM, Commercial…etc. Changes every night but there’s always a dance-floor & DJ coz we know you love busting out those moves.

Leave Rock OK 10:45pm


Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays: Student Parties

These are student nights in Bratislava & Tuesdays in particular our final club host Erasmus (exchange student) parties every week. The club gets uber busy sometimes but we get guaranteed entry & it’s nice to hit it as a group.

Wednesdays can be student parties, sometimes we venture across the river, sometimes we stay in town. Depends on what’s on and what we think the group will enjoy.

Thursdays we often hit The Club or Nu Spirit Club. These are Bratislava’s big Clubs that host theme nights & promotional events ie…Playboy, Adventure Sports, Alcohol brands etc..

Occasionally international acts will do gigs at these clubs & Pub Crawl goes for free.

Fridays & Saturdays: Wild Weekends

Get happy! You’re in Bratislava’s for the weekend. Good choice! All the best clubs have entry charge but as always you get them all for free. Before you hit the town, check out how much you save with us. Conservatively 15+€ just on entry. So basically all the alcohol & our beautiful company is a bonus.

Nu Spirit Club (with us free, otherwise 5-7€)
The Club (with us free, otherwise 7€)
Re:Fresh (with us free, otherwise 3-5€)
Channels (with us free, otherwise 2-3€)

Put simple we hit up some cool & cheap places but also Bratislava’s best clubs