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How does chasing your friends round an obstacle course in full camo-gear in a mad frenzy to avoid being blasted with paint sound? Paint-Ball is tactical, adrenaline fueled thrills. Friends become enemies as each team tries to outwit & outshoot the opposition.

With tons of courses, each with a unique game to compete against each other, this is an activity you don’t want to pass up.
Paint-balling always makes a great day out, everyone’s involved & you can guarantee they’ll be a few stories to share over a beer at the end of it.

So here’s how it works

You call us up, we pick you up. Choose a time & location & we’ll whisk you to our paint-balling headquarters in our modern AC mini-bus while you kick back. We’ll get you kitted up with Camo-Gear, eye protection & a sweet paint-ball gun with 200 rounds.

With battle-lines drawn it’s time to get down to action. Capture the flag? Assault on the fortress? Or just a plain ol’ fight to death. It’s all on now. You fight it out while we ref the game, keep the scores and take the photos.

When the final bullet’s been shot and the dust has settle we’ll tally the score & determine the victors.

What’s included?

-Private Return AC Transport from Hotel/hostel/meeting point
-Local Multilingual Be Free Guide
-Professional Paint-Balling guide & ref
-All Paint-balling & Safety equipment
-100 balls (5euros per 100 can be purchased on site)
-1hr 45mins on the course
-Multiple courses & Games


Groups of 4 – 39 euros per person
Groups of 5 – 37pp
Groups of 6 – 33pp
Groups of 7+ – 29pp